8 Great Reasons to Consider Upgrading to an Access Control System

person swiping card for access control system in Pert

Aus Locksmith discuss 8 reasons to consider when thinking about  upgrading your Access Control System

1)   Has your business outgrown the need for a new system?

  • Has your business grown to a size that your current security system is outdated?
  • Have you acquired a new business or product/ service that requires extra security?
  • Are you holding valuable intellectual property, confidential information or other assets that requires better security?
  • Do you want to integrate all of your buildings and physical areas onto the same security system?

These are some things to consider when deciding if an Access Control System is appropriate to your growing business.

2)   Are you able to finance the new system and is it financially viable?

Firstly establish when the new system is viable for your business. So consider the benefits:-

  • The efficiencies (time saved by issuing electronic access)
  • The convenience to all employees and management with quick automated access.
  • The extra security – The new system will give you granular control to each area, room even cupboard within a room and define who has access and who doesn’t. For extra security you can build in 2-factor authentication and biometric security. Then consider that you can define which hours staff have access and outside of those hours they may be prohibited. Electronic systems can also be audited, should an incident happen and they can also be integrated with security cameras.
  • The money saved by securing assets and stock that otherwise may have been stolen by employees or other visitors.

You then need to weigh up all of the benefits against the cost of the system as well as how you’ll finance it, whether by cash reserves or using a finance agreement through a lender (say a lease or a loan.)

3)   Will the New System enhance your business security?

This is mentioned in point 2 but consider:-

  • Data Privacy/ Confidentiality
  • Value of assets to be secured – could be equipment, computers, stock, stationery, information, intellectual property.
  • Centralised Control/ Audit
  • Quick issuance of access to new staff and visitors
  • Can deactivate lost or misused access immediately
  • No need to rekey a lock if the key is lost
  • Two-factor authentication – tighter security
  • Control different areas independently

4)   Will the New System improve business efficiency?

  • Integrate with other applications (time recording systems, security cameras etc)
  • Integrate with other buildings/ locations
  • Centralised Control/ Audit
  • User convenience – buzz people if you forget a key
  • Save Employees time through not having to find physical keys

5)   Moving to or acquiring new premises

If you acquire new premises, these can be quickly integrated into the Access Control System for centralized control.

6)   Legislative or Regulatory Requirements

Legeslation, regulations, codes or guidelines may require or recommend extra security. This could be related to hazardous or dangerous products or equipment, confidential records, intellectual property, scientific research, general research and development, sensitive information, classified or secret information.

7)   Risk Management

Your Risk Management policy may dictate the klevel of security you need. If you don’t have a formal Risk Management Policy, your Management should be able to identify the level of risk you can tolerate in terms of your security. Also consider your insurance coverage and if the worst case scenario occurred, what would be the implications.

8)   More granular control of Staff and Visitors

  • Some staff may be assigned 24 hour access or prohibited at certain times from certain areas.
  • Secure areas with assets/ valuables and reduce theft


Finally, if you have a breach of Security, it is important to review your Security System, consider if it is outdated and no longer serves your purposes. If not consider an Access Control System.

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