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Access Control Systems Explained

At Aus Locksmith, we are experts in the design, implementation and servicing of Access Control Systems for commercial and residential purposes.

An Access Control System is a security system which restricts access to physical areas based on the User Rights and Permissions assigned to Users.

They comprise both a mechanical element (the lock) and an electronic elements (the Reader and Control Unit/ Computer) from which the User permissions are programmed.

They can be installed in both Residential or Commercial Buildings and are fairly common in Apartment Blocks and Commercial Buildings such as offices.

There are several types of Access Control Systems including:

  • Card Access – Those with a card programmed to give them access can unlock the doors.
  • Keypad Access – These open doors if the User knows the PIN number which they input on the keypad.

  • Biometric Access – These open doors based on physical characteristics of the User such as fingerprint or retina (eye) scan.

Access Control Systems can also include a SMART element, for example the ability to unlock a door with a mobile phone using a mobile App and Bluetooth.

At Aus Locksmith, we are experts in Access Control Systems. Please call us for advice about the best products on the market or any maintenance or installation questions.


Do you need an Access Control System?

Access Control Systems can vary greatly depending on what the purchaser wants it for, what they want it to do and the degree of security needed. 

Here are some of the factors to consider when designing and choosing your system:-

  • Residential or Commercial Usage
  • If commercial, is it an office, factory, warehouse, car park, government building, school, hospital, shopping centre etc?
  • How many employees, tradespeople and other visitors will need access?
  • Does the system need to manage multi-site access?
  • Does the system need to be integrated with other systems, for example CCTV cameras, Alarm Systems and Intercoms?
  • Does the system need remote access for card programming?
  • Do some users need 24 hour access and others limited hours access?
  • The number of doors and the combination of internal and external doors requiring restricted access?
  • Levels of security required including 2-factor authentication considerations.
  • Level of convenience – including Smart lock and security features.

Aus Locksmith are experts in the Access Control Architecture Design and installation of Access Control Systems.  Call us for a free consultation. 

Benefits of Access Control Systems

  • You can restrict Access to Areas for users that have no need to be there. Company assets and sensitive information can therefore be properly protected. Examples include the Computer Server Room, HR Department or Stationery supplies room.

  • This will then reduce the risk of theft or vandalism of business property.

  • Great for Multi-Site Access.

  • There is no longer a problem with lost keys. If necessary a new swipe or proximity card can be programmed for that User and the Old Card deactivated.

  • Access for new staff is easier as you are not relying on transfer of keys.

  • Access Control Systems are more secure, particularly with 2-factor authentication and integration with CCTV cameras and other systems.

  • You have the ability to restrict access outside of normal hours including weekends and public holidays.

See our article: 8 Great Reasons to Consider Upgrading to an Access Control System

Risks of Access Control Systems

  • You will need to ensure that the person in charge of the Access Control Management Software and implementing the Security Access Rights is completely trustworthy.

  • Physical Access should be adequately restricted to the room the PC is located in and access to the software is password protected.

  • Steps must be put in place to ensure the Access Control System Software cannot be accessed or hacked by unauthorised persons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need an Access Control System?

Consider how your current system is working and whether you need better security. If you are unsure, Call Aus Locksmith for a free consultation.

When is the right time to replace my Access Control System?

Consider these 4 factors:

  • Is your current system outdated or obsolete?
  • Do you need better security? For example the ability to record and monitor who accesses which areas.
  • Is your business growing to the extent that your current system is not practical?
  • Do you need to increase the level of security to certain areas? You may now have highly valuable or sensitive information or hazardous substances that you need to protect with additional levels of security.

If you are not sure, contact Aus Locksmith for a free consultation.

What are smart locks?

Smart locks are a combination of mechanical (the lock) and electrical (the reader and PC/ software) components combined with Smart technology, to provide automatic and wireless access when presented with a User’s authenticated credentials.

What is 2-Factor Authentication?

It requires  2 more of the following to gain access:

  • Possession – for example a swipe card programmed with a code for that particular user.
  • Knowledge – A password or PIN number to be input onto a keypad
  • Inherent – A factor within the user, usually biometric for example a fingerprint or retina scan.

So to gain access you will need more than one of these factors. This is usually applied to high security environments or areas within an Access Control System.

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