How to Choose the Right Safe For Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Safe For Your Needs



When looking for the right safe for you, the great news is that there is a vast range on the market of different types, criteria and dimensions. 

So before you start looking for a new safe, it is important to define your requirement. Below we provide some criteria to help you narrow down your search.


What type of Safe do you need and what is the purpose?

Initially define if the safe is for home or commercial use and then the type of safe, for example:-

  • Wall Safe 
  • Floor Safe
  • Gun safe
  • Fireproof safe
  • Depository safe
  • High Security safe
  • Hotel Safe

Is it for storing cash, valuables, confidential or high value information or even dangerous items such as guns?


Size/ Weight of Safe

Define the internal storage space within the safe to make sure that it is capable of storing everything you want to put in it.

It is a good idea to estimate on the high side to allow for additional items to be stored in future, should the need arise.

Also consider the external size of the safe and make sure there is a large enough space for you to put it.

For large safes, consider the weight and whether the floor will need to be reinforced to support it.


Security Rating of Safe

There are 2 security ratings to consider:-


This rating measures how fire resistant the safe is and therefore it’s capability of protecting the contents of the safe in the event of a fire.


The cash-rating defines the level of protection the safe offers against burglary, with the higher the rating offering the best protection.


Type of Locking Mechanism

You have 3 types to choose from:-

  • Key locks – Safe is opened by a simple key. These are usually fine for lower value items.
  • Combination locks – The safe is opened using password or PIN number. You will have to rembember the combination to unlock the safe but you could also have a key for backup, should you forget the code.
  • Electronic locks are the most common now. This could be a simple push button number to input or a biometic lock such as a fingerprint reader.


Installation of Safe

Many safes come with installation instructions. Be clear that you understand these as well as which room, location in the room and ease of access to the safe.

Also consider having the safe in a place which is hidden.


Brand and Model Number

We advise choosing a high-quality brands and models with good user reviews.


Australian Standards

FInd out if the safe meets Australian Standards, for example AS/ NZS 3809


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