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If you are looking for the best Locksmith in Perth who has experience of safes, look no further. Aus Locksmith has expertise and experience of home and commercial safes of all types.

You may need a safe to keep high value or confidential items secure.

We supply the best brands of safes and can advise you about the pros and cons of each as they relate to your requirements.

We supply, install and repair safes and also offer Safe Opening Services if you cannot gain access to the contents of your safe.

If you would like to learn more or are researching the best safe for you, click on the link below to see our article:

How To Choose the Right Safe for your Needs

Click here for our Top 5 Reasons to contact a Safe Locksmith.

So if you need any Safe Locksmith Services, call Aus Locksmith. We are here to help.

At Aus Locksmith, We Work with all Types of Safes

Supply & Installation of Safes

Safe Repairs

Home and Commercial Safes

Wall and Floor Safes

Gun safes

Fireproof Safes


Depository Safes

High Security Safes

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what is the right Safe for me?

Call Aus Locksmith for advice. We can advise you on the best safe for your individual circumstances.

Also see our article: How To Choose the Right Safe for your Needs

When would I need a locksmith to open my safe?

There are a number of circumstances when you may need to contact a locksmith to open your safe. The obvious one being that you’ve lost your keys or forgotten the combination.

See our article: When should I contact a locksmith to open my safe.

What type of Safe is best for me – Key, Combination or Electronic?

There is no right answer to this question. The purchaser should be aware of the advances in technology and assess each type against their needs.

Key locks were the first to appear. Simply unlock the safe with the key. However obviously only the person with the key can open the safe and keys can be lost, stolen or broken.

Combination locks, sometimes known as tumblers. The safe is opened using a combination of digits. You do not need a key but you need to be able to remember the combination to unlock the safe.

Electronic locks are the most common now and range from the simple push button number input to biometric locks which identify the user from something like a fingerprint or retina (eye) scan to verify the person is authorised to unlock the safe. The purchaser must be clear as to the functionality of the electric lock safes as some can be easily opened by unauthorised people.

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